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There are many factors that cause tooth loss in people, but at Ramos Dentistry we can help you replace one or more teeth with the use of modern dental implants to restore oral health and smile.


A dental implant is actually more of a synthetic tooth root. Implants resemble the shape of posts and are surgically implanted at the site of the missing tooth (or teeth) in the jaw. They are almost always made of titanium. This is due to the ability of titanium to turn into human bone without causing adverse effects. This is primarily the reason why titanium is used in bone replacement surgeries, such as knee and hip replacements.


Once the implant is in place, a replacement tooth is attached. This replacement tooth can be made to be removable or permanently bonded; however, most dental specialists agree that permanent teeth are much stronger and feel more natural.

Implants can be used to repair a missing tooth, several in a row, or even an entire mouth and are extremely durable.


At Ramos Dentistry we offer a variety of implant services, including autogenous bone grafting, sinus lift augmentation, implant site development, implant maintenance services.

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