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At Ramos Dentistry we have extensive experience in treating different oral diseases from earliest childhood to the end of growth.

Our practice has a calm and relaxed atmosphere and the little ones are cared for by our friendly Doctors, who guarantee a low-stress environment.

We take care of exploring the child's oral cavity and detecting possible anomalies in the primary dentition (milk teeth), as well as applying an individualized procedure and treatment to prevent children from suffering more serious problems in adulthood.

Together with the parents, we transmit correct hygiene habits to the child to ensure a healthy oral condition in the future.

We recommend that the first dental check-up of children occurs when the first year of life has been completed.
In this visit we will check the growth of the maxilla and jaw, the correct eruption of the teeth and will rule out the presence of pathologies such as cavities.

The stage from 0 to 3 years is considered preventive. If there are no problems, an annual visit is recommended. However, from the age of 5, during the replacement period, it is advisable to have a check-up every 6 months.

We take care of any problems that children may suffer with oral health, performing various treatments, among which are
Dental caries.
Dental trauma caused by blows and accidents
Obturation for the treatment of cavities
Application of fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities.
Orthodontics to correct alterations or abnormalities in bone or dental development
The healthy smile of your little ones is one of our most important goals.

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